4 Best Blog Title Generators To Create Eye-Catchy Titles

Every internet marketer wants to promote their business with a major goal of attracting potential leads that could translate into online sales. However, in this era, business marketing has drastically evolved. We no longer command our customers to buy our products, but we convince them through realistic content and knowledge sharing. So, this brings us to something called content marketing. Basically, content marketing refers to the online sharing of content (blogs, videos, and images) to make the target audience get interested in the product or service. 

If you’re running an online business, you have to leverage the power of content marketing by devising a good plan. But before you go any further with your plan, there is something that you need first to understand; the web is crowded and full of competitors. So, how do you make your business stand out? The short answer is; SEO-optimization should be part of your priorities when designing a broader content marketing strategy. 

If you promote your business through writing blogs, ensuring that your articles are organically found in the search engines should be one of your priorities. Even when you write good blogs but if they’re not ranked in the search engines, you’re just wasting your time. 

In this article, we would like to mainly focus on creating successful SEO-catchy titles for your blog to help attract high click-through rates on your site. 

What is a Blog Title Generator? 

Sometimes you feel like you have a lot of content to write about, but you get stuck to come up with a compelling blog title that is catchy enough to organically attract the attention of your readers. Thanks to blog title generators because they help you generate catchy blog title ideas that could potentially influence the traffic boom on your site. 

Your successful blogging starts by putting SEO optimization at the center of all your plans. If your blog doesn’t generate traffic, all your effort you put in will have been doomed. This means that using tools like Blog title generators can make your life so much easier than you ever imagine. 

Why Use Blog Title Generators?

Simplicity and convenience are a thing these days. When you’re a professional blogger or a content marketing expert, the use of a blog title generator can easily simplify everything for you. In a nutshell, using a blog title generator tool can help you achieve the following:

  • Improve your Blog SEO rankings in the search engines. Google’s web crawlers target blog headers (titles) and make analyses over, so they return them in search engine queries. When your blog title is SEO-optimized, it is much likely to be favoured by Google. 
  • Attract readers organically. The title of your blog offers the impression of what is inside. And potential readers are likely to click-through to read based on how convincing and enticing your blog title is. The blog title generators help you create enticing blog tiles that could induce potential readers to your site.
  • Saves time. Instead of spending much time scratching your head trying to brainstorm your next blog title idea, the blog title generator will list out several options for you in less than 30 seconds. It’s kind of interesting.
  • Create unique content: In most cases, the formulation of your blog title influences the kind of content you want to share. These tools help you generate unique and catchy titles, and this can quickly help to give the actual direction to take when writing your blog.
  • Beat your competitors. A significant percentage of internet marketers is into content marketing and blogging. And almost every niche you ever thought of investing in, there are millions of competitors crowded on the web. Remember, many of these competitor bloggers are likely to be doing it much better than you. So, the best way to outrival them is to aggressively use tools like the blog title generators so you can run on the top of the game. 

The Best Blog Title Generators to write Enticing Blog Titles. 

There are so many blog title generator tools, but here is our list we recommend;

1. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

This tool is powerful, and every marketer, content creator, or blogger would need it. It is just more than a blog title generator tool. Some of its features and benefits include;

  • Offers headline score metrics. This is important in helping you understand if your title can perform better and attract a high click-through rate. 
  • Has recommended Words in its library. It gives you an option to look for different words to use in your title to make it enticing and attract readers.
  • It has detailed title analysis. It analyses your title and shows you its strength and weakness based on the niche you want to write about.
  • Advanced interface with insightful metrics. Make use of the metrics about your suggested title to build more meaningful headlines. 
  • Suitable for SEO planning. You can use the provided metrics and analysis to plan your SEO strategy for your blog. 
  • Free & premium subscription available. Free & paid features are available. 

This tool ranks No.1 on our list because of the so many advanced features it offers.

2. Blog Title Generator by SEOPresser

This is a straightforward tool used to help create blog titles with ease. There is no jargon. All you have to do is put your preferred keyword, hit the generate button, and wait for a few seconds for title ideas and suggestions. Some of its key features and advantages include:

  • Friendly & Easy to use interface. It is straightforward to use without the need to signup or sign in. 
  • Can generate titles based on Niche. Your article titles are formulated based on the niche you want to write about. 
  • Returns result very fast without delays. Its title generation engine is so fast, and it doesn’t delay.
  • They are crafted by experts in SEO who understand the dynamics & trends. This is good for your confidence to know. 
  • No sign up required. You don’t need to subscribe or fill in forms so you can use this tool. 
  • Free to use. No credit card is required. You can freely use this tool as much as you like without having to pay any dime. 

SEOPresser is ultimately one of the best blog title generator tools with a minimalistic interface.

3. Thrive Headline Optimizer 

This is a premium tool that you can use to create compelling and enticing titles for your blog articles. To access it, you have to subscribe either monthly or yearly. This tool has powerful features like:

  • Testing and optimizing your content in bulk. This allows you to test all your content at once. It’s kind of an automation feature. 
  • Dashboard to monitor visitor engagements. It avails data about the click-through engagement rates from your readers.
  • Advanced metrics for each blog title. You can easily monitor and analyze each title you make. 
  • East to use and compatible with WooCommerce

4. Blog About by ImpactPlus  

The Thrive Headline Optimizer is an interactive blog title generator tool. When using this tool, it will interactively ask you, what do you want to blog about? And then it will walk you through a series of steps to give you options and formulate your blog article title of your choice. It is just incredible. Some of the key features and benefits include;

  • Easy to use interface
  • Interactive when formulating a blog article title
  • Offers various title ideas with an option to reformulate them to your liking
  • It is straightforward tool without need for subscription
  • Free to use and you don’t have to pay any money.

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