5 Best Free Business Name Generators

If you want to start a business, you need to come up with a brand name that is unique, easy to pronounce and memorize. In most cases it’s harder or rather not easy to easily come up with a name that could be used to differentiate your business from competitors. 

To easily solve this problem, you can use a business name generators, which is a piece of online tool that you can use to brainstorm different name ideas for your business.

Benefits of Business Name Generators:

  • Simplifies your name hunting effort: Instead of scratching your head for days, weeks or months in search of a better business name, these tools make everything easier for you.
  • Usually free to use. Most business name generator tools are free to use and you don’t need to pay any money to use them
  • Cloud-based: This means that there is need to download these tools. All you have to do is to browse on their appropriate web addresses and start brainstorming business name ideas
  • Puts you on top of the game. You get to find a unique name that helps you build a unique brand identity and beat competitors in the market.

Usually, business name generators are handy tools hosted online in that you don’t need to download the software and install on it on your computer. All you have to do is to find the best tool that is convenient for you to use. 

In this article, we would like to review for you some of our top pick business name generators you can use

1. Shopify Business name Generator 

The Shopify business name generator is ultimately one of the best we recommend here. Its search and query engine returns results in less than 5 seconds. This is extraordinarily impressive. 


Shopify Business name generator has the following features;

  • Faster search & query engine. Results return immediately after filling in the search form with your preferred keyword.
  • Over 100 business name ideas are returned. It automatically returns a couple of business name ideas based on your preferred key words
  • Good and clean interface. The Shopify Business name generator is an online tool with easy-to-use interface. It is clean and fun to use.
  • Its AI engine is also pretty impressive. It combines multiple words to generate for you a couple of unique business name ideas. 

2. Wix Business Name Generator

The Wix Business name generator offers several business name ideas. Its search query lets you select a particular industry you plan to operate in. It returns over 100 results and you can’t leave without finding the most suitable name for your business.


  • It is much easier to use. Wix business name generator has a clean and easy to use interface 
  • It is faster to query back results. It has potential to return over 100 business ideas in just a few seconds
  • It generates impressive business name names and suggestions. You can generate business names from your keywords or based on the industry you plan to operate in. 
  • It is also integrated with a domain search engine. This means that you can easily register your chosen or preferred business name for web hosting (domain name registration)

3. Looka Business Name Generator 

Looka uses the power of artificial intelligence to brainstorm business name ideas that are impressive. Looka business name generator is so unique in the sense that it has some interesting functionalities and features.


  • It queries and categorizes business name ideas based on different variables 
  • It offers SEO analysis of your preferred business name and assigns it a score figure.
  • It’s integrated with domain search engine to check for domain availability possibly letting you to register it for hosting
  • It also has logo ideas search capability. Once you select your preferred name, you can also get to choose some logo ideas for your business. 
  • You can check for the trade mark availability of your preferred name 
  • It lets you search for the online reputation of your selected business name 
  • You can also search for businesses or brands that use similar name on social media. 

4. Namelix Business Name Generator 

Namelix is a free online business name generator. It has a straight-forward interface to use. It’s search form has multiple settings you can configure to get the best results that suit your business name preference.


  • Generates your suitable business name by describing your brand. You can write a few lines to describe your business and it will be based on that it returns suitable results.
  • Use brand keywords. In the industry you would like to operate in, use can find some impressive keywords and use them to generate the best name for your business.
  • It offers you the ability to determine word length of your preferred business name. You select; short names, which include 3-6 letters, medium names with 6-12 letters and long names with 12+ letters. Anything of your preference will work. 

5. WP Beginner Business Name Generator 

This is another completely free online business Name generator tool you can use to generate a good name for your business. It uses the power of artificial intelligence to guess the suitable name you like. All you have to do is to insert some keywords and then it will brainstorm for you some ideas. 

And by the way, WP Beginner is one of the popular online blogging and resource sites owned by Syed Balkhi; a successful entrepreneur. 


WP Beginner Business name generator has a couple of benefits and features and these include:

  • Free to Use. You don’t need to pay any money to use this tool
  • It is faster to generate Business name ideas. Once you fill in your keyword idea in the search form, the results come up in just a few seconds.
  • Offers more business name ideas: Based on the keywords you’ve filled in the search form, it will generate so many ideas enough for you to make the best decision.
  • Acts as domain name search engine. This also helps you to know whether your business name domain is available or taken.

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