5 Best AI Chatbot Software & Platforms

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In the modern age, customer engagement is critical to almost every business. When customers are actively engaged, your business will likely bring in more revenue than when they feel less connected to your business. The correlation between customer engagement and the profitability of your business is undeniable. This fact is cemented by Constellation Research in which reveals that; when companies improve their engagement rate with their customers, they can experience 22 percent growth in cross-sell revenue and a 38 percent increase in up-sell revenue.

So, what is customer engagement? 

Customer engagement is a broader term used to describe the relationship and interaction between a business and its customers using various channels. There are different channels that companies use to engage with their customers. And to spin out the whole list of these channels could be disturbingly a daunting task concerning the core of this article. 

Our primary focus here is to talk about chatbots for your WordPress website and assess how useful they can boost your business engagement with customers. 

Chatbots and Customer engagement

Several business experts have singled out that live chat is one of the most effective channels to engage with and retain customers for your business. A considerable percentage of consumers like to use live chats on websites because they offer instant responses. Live Chats are also good at providing the best consumer satisfaction experience. So, when customers use live chat on a website, they’re more likely to return to that site at some point. 

However, it is essential to note that live chat is different from chatbots even when they relatively offer similar engagement functionalities. 

To understand correctly, what is the difference between the two?

Live chat is an online application that lets customers engage with your business support team in real-time. On the other hand, a chatbot is an application designed to stimulate engagement with human users, especially over the internet. To put it in a much simpler way, live chat involves two human users chatting with one another, and a chatbot is programmed with instructions to interact with human users. This means that chatbots are integrated with an artificial intelligence instruction engine, capable of automatically interacting with your business customers. 

Benefits of Using Chatbots For Business

Undoubtedly, chatbots have become a thing in modern enterprise websites. Businesses these days are taking engagement seriously by leveraging flexible and cost-effective channels to consistently and immediately give their customers instant responses as soon as possible. Regarding this, chatbots have proven to be to so much helpful in different ways, including; 

  • Boosting customer retention rate: Customers feel frustrated when they submit inquiries about your products or services, but nobody is there to respond to them. Lack of instant communication with potential and prospective customers can detrimentally hurt the performance of your business. So, chatbots help to solve this problem by availing instant answers to basic questions which customers could have. 
  • Saving staffing resources. When you’re running serious e-commerce, or dropshipping business, engaging with your customers could be a priority. Lack of reliable engagement with them could hurt you badly. This means that you need to invest in more resources to hire a dedicated team that handles the business engagement with your customers. For a start-up business, it is so costly to have a special team of support that can handle queries from your business customers. The best way to deal with this problem and mitigate potentially inflating costs is to use chatbots because they’re capable of providing instant replies to your customers’ queries. 
  • Building your business reputation: Customers fall in love with a business that has an engaging communication platform. When your customers visit your site and they have a question about the products or services you offer, they need an instant or immediate response from you. The speed at which you respond to their queries can position your business at a higher competitive scale, thus earning you a flourishing reputation in the market. 
  • Broadening your digital marketing strategy: Offering reliable engagement with customers could be one way how to market yourself in the business. Chatbots could be used for conversational and interactive marketing. And it is a fun way to engage your customers. Some chatbots are programmed with humorous wording instructions, and your customers can’t simply get bored when interacting with them. 

What Makes a Good Chatbot Software & Platforms?

Chatbots could be integrated with your web applications or websites using various methods, which include the use of APIs, plugins, or custom code integration. Many WordPress website owners use chatbot plugins or APIs at the backend of their websites. 

Of course, there a ton of chatbots available to use but not all of them offer what they claim to offer. To make it easy for you, here is our checklist of what defines a good chatbot;

  • Ability to automatically interact with the user: A good chatbot should have a robust artificial intelligence engine programmed with instructions to automatically and accurately respond to human users. 
  • Easy to use and interact with: Customers don’t like complicated interfaces that make it hard for them to manipulate and interact. A good chatbot is one that has a good and simpler interface to use. 
  • Consistent Uptime. A good chatbot should have consistent availability, maintaining at least 99.99% uptime. If your chatbot application constantly faces downtime issues, gets unavailable, then this could frustrate your customers who would want instant engagement with your business. 
  • Safe & Secure for your WordPress. Application security is very important. You don’t want to get a chatbot plugin that will put your entire WordPress website at the risk of hacking. 
  • Analytics integration: It is important to have a chatbot that helps you to collect important data about user behaviors. This data is very important in broadening your business marketing experience.
  • Interactively personable: A good chatbot application should give a personable feel to the users. It is vital for your customers to have a human-like interaction that provides them a personalized experience. People don’t want to feel like they’re not talking to a programmed robot when responding to their queries. 

5 Best Chatbot Software & Platforms

There are several chatbot software & platforms out there, but we have selected the best 5 to help you boost business engagement with your WordPress site visitors. 

1. Collect. Chat

This is one of the best chatbot software & platforms you can ever think of. It is easy to integrate into your WordPress website by just installing and activating their plugin. Some of its essential features include;

  • Drag & drop builder functionality: This helps you to customize your chatbot app interface.
  • Omni-Channel integrations. The Collect. Chat tool could be integrated with other essential applications like Twitter, Messenger, Gmail, and many more. 
  • Instant notifications: You will be notified instantly of any activity that is taking place. It can notify you through emails. 
  • Consistent uptime with 24/7 availability. No worries of an outage that can affect your website engagement with your visitors. 
  • Offers analytics about your User-behavior on your website. These analytics are so important to your business in terms of marketing and improving user experience on your site. 

This chatbot tool offers both free and paid plans. The free plans have limited functionalities so, it may be important if you signup for premium plans to put your conversational marketing to a whole new experience.

 2. Botsify 

Another one in the list of best chatbot software & platforms is Botsify. Building chatbots has never been easier without Botsify. Apparently, over 8000 companies and businesses use the Botsify tool to build artificial intelligence chatbots. Some of its key features include; 

  • Multi-language configurations. You can configure over 190 languages in your chatbot. 
  • Flexibility to switch from chatbot to human support. If found needed, your customer care team easily jump in to directly to interact with your customers on the platform. 
  • Custom forms for collecting information about users. These can be accessed on the platform’s dashboard.
  • Multiple chatbots can be created at once and could be used to execute different tasks for your business.
  • Faster response automated system, powered by Artificial intelligence. When your customers interact with Botsify chatbot, they will experience instant response without delays.
  • This AI chatbot offers multiple application integrations like Gmail, WordPress, Google docs and more. 

3. Chatfuel

This is also a drag and drop chatbot builder that can be integrated into your WordPress website without the need for coding skills. World’s leading brands like Visa, Netflix, Nissan, Nivea, Buzzfeed, and more use Chatfuel into their web applications for customer engagements. Some of its main features include;

  • Allows Instagram integration and automation to help you grow your e-commerce business.
  • Good for marketing automation and helps you generate constructive leads for your business.
  • Grow with alongside with world’s leading brands using the same chatbot tool for their user engagements
  • Easy to use with drag and drop tool builder. You don’t have to be a coding pro to use it. 
  • Boasts of 99.9% uptime. The platform is 24/7 available with no minimal chances of outages 

4. Flowxo

This chatbot software helps you to build a chatbot that lets you accept payments. Just like the other chatbot builders we’ve talked about; you don’t need coding skills. Some of its important features and benefits include;

  • Create humorous wording instructions & responses that will win the hearts and minds of your customers.
  • Automation integration by using intelligent workflows that define customers can be engaged.
  • Integrate over 100 cloud-based applications including apps like MailChimp, FreshBooks, Google calendar and more.   
  • Integrate live chat functionality to enable your support team to jump in to offer an appropriate response to customers’ queries if needed.

5. Landbot

If you’re looking for the best chatbot software & platforms that power your conservational marketing for your business, Landbot.io could be one of your best option for you. Some of its major features and benefits include;

  • Capturing leads. You can put your marketing campaigns to a whole new level by using the landbot chatbot to gather leads.
  • Track and document your user behaviors on your site in real-time. This also helps you to improve user-experience. 
  • Integrate your chatbot anywhere or any messaging platform with just one click and no code required.  
  • You can design unique conversations without the need to code. Use its inbuilt drag and drop feature.
  • Templates are available. No need to worry about starting from scratch to design your favorite chatbot. 

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