5 Best Contact Form 7 Alternatives (Free & Paid)

Businesses and Brands own websites to market themselves online and let customers find their products or services. But building a website is not just enough. A lot of other considerations are equally important. For instance, the kind of design you’re deploying, and the web content you put make your business standout online. However, despite all these, what is even important is when you integrate a contact functionality on your site. At the end of the day, you want your customers to find you so they can buy your products or services.

On some websites, they usually put contact details like; email addresses, phone numbers and stuff like that, but the best way is to just integrate a contact form on the site. 


Because a contact form is pretty straight-forward as you don’t have to burden your site visitor to memorize all your contact details. All they need to do is to browse to your web address and send you a message. It is as simple as that.

One of the easiest ways to integrate a contact form functionality on your WordPress site is by using plugins. Contact Form 7 is one of those most popular WordPress plugins that let you create contact forms features on your website.

This plugin is widely used in the WordPress community due to its impressive features like integration of CAPTCHA, Akismat spam filtering and other advanced customizations.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of other alternatives that are top notch to try out. And in this article, we’ve selected the best 5 Contact Form 7 alternatives you can explore; 

1. WP Forms 

Do you want to design proffessional-looking forms for your WordPress website? WPforms is a special plugin to achieve your dream. This plugin has over 4 million WordPress installations.


  • It is positively rated with 5-star rating: WordPress Users have found this plugin much satisfying to use.
  • Good support. The developers of the WPforms plugin are known to respond to any query or questions should you need support
  • Frequently updated. It is always updated to suit the latest version of WordPress, fix security patches or other bugs that could show up.
  • Drag & drop builder. It has an easy-to-use form builder which lets you drag and drop while designing your forms.
  • Comes with 100-prebuilt templates. Don’t scratch your head if you don’t know where to start from because you have ready to use templates for you to begin with.
  • 14-day money back guarantee. When you get a premium subscription, you can decide to ask for your money back within 14 days.

2. Ninja Forms

Over 1 million WordPress installations, 5-star rated and an active support forum, we can say that Ninja forms is ultimately one of the best form builder plugins for your WordPress website


  • Drag & Drop builder. You don’t have to be a coder to build your beautiful WordPress forms 
  • You can build any type of form including; frontend file submission forms, Content upload forms, Payments forms for PayPal, stripe and more.
  • Used for marketing purposes. You can build lead generation forms to collect emails and phone numbers from your site visitors 
  • It supports a couple of third-party integrations like PayPal, Stripe, MailChimp, Salesforce and more.
  • Launched over 10 years ago. This is not some new kid on the block. The ninja form developers have their reputation in this area. 
  • Various pricing plans are available. And there is a 14-day money back guarantee.

3. JotForm 

Undoubtedly, JotForm is one of the World’s advanced and popular proffessional form builder. With over 2 million customers worldwide, JotForm is one platform you can’t ignore. Its probably the most advanced form-builder out there on the web. 


JotForm has several impressive features and benefits and these include;

  • Offers multiple third-party integrations like PayPal, Zoom, Drobox HubSpot and more. You can integrate it with your favorite apps you like.
  • Virtually build any type of form you like. For instance, you can build mobile forms, Data collection forms, online payments collections forms and more.
  • Advanced styling features. Its form builder has advanced functionalities that let you design professional forms.
  • Pre-designed templates are available. Don’t build from scratch. Save your time by manipulating the available designs to your liking.
  • Flexible pricing plans available. There is even a free plan that lets you create up to 5 forms. Interesting, isn’t it?
  • Support resources and guiding materials are available. Every time you’re stuck, just open these resources to guide you. Alternatively, you can contact support to help you any time.

4. Wufoo

With over 3+ million users, Wufoo can’t also miss out on our best 5 alternative list to Contact Form 7. Wufoo has a lot of great features that will enable you build proffessional forms of any kind.


Wufoo has the following features:

  • Workflow automation with multiple third-party integrations; You can integrate over 1000+ applications into your forms. These include; Zapier PayPal, Stripe and more.
  • Make your own unique designs with custom branding and styling. Its theme builder lets you create proffessional form designs without coding.
  • Advanced logic manipulations and configurations. Intelligently configure your forms to do whatever you want by setting and configuring smart logic 
  • Access to data insights and analytics. You can have access to advanced dashboards that present you with user data about their interaction and overall behavior.
  • Use pre-designed templates to create any kind of form you like. No need to design from scratch. Save your time and start building your preferred forms.

5. Gravity Forms

This is a WordPress Website form builder that will let you easily build any type of form you want. 


  • Third-Party add-on integrations. Integrate with platforms like Zapier, HubSpot and more
  • Easy to use. Gravity forms builder is easy to use as there is no need for coding or other complicated technical configurations.
  • Apply condition logic to your forms and customize the user-experience
  • Supports front-end submission. Your site users can submit documents, photos and more from the frontend of your site.
  • Users can create WordPress Posts and submit them from the frontend of your site.
  • Forms are Spam-protected. With tools like Google reCaptcha, Really Simple Captcha and Akismet options, you can prevent spams on your site.