5 Best Optinmonster Alternatives & Competitors

Lead generation is one of the key strategies which businesses use to broaden their marketing campaigns. Online businesses leverage lead generation to widen their reach to potential and prospective customers. Moreover, lead generation can also be used to boost revenue sales through email marketing campaigns with e-commerce integration.

In this article, we would like to look deeply and learn some of the best lead generation tools business can use to boost their presence in the market. Our review is in comparison with Optinmonster by matching it with the best alternatives available.  

What is Optinmonster? 

Optinmonster is one of the most disruptive lead generations tool on the web. It is widely popular with WordPress users who integrate it into their websites for email marketing campaigns and strategies.  Big brands leverage or have endorsed Optinmonster to take their marketing campaigns to a whole new level. 

What Makes Optinmonster The Best? 

Optinmonster is not just the usual lead generation tool you know of. It has some of the most advanced features that can help you create stunning marketing campaigns for your website.  These features include;

  • Proffessional editor and designer: Forget tools that require you to have advanced coding skills so you can create marketing campaigns. Optinmonster has an inbuilt designer and editor, which means you don’t need to be a coding expert to use it.
  • Integrated with WordPress: Being an Open-Source platform, WordPress is a widely popular Content Management System that lets you launch your new website with ease. Optinmonster is primarily built for WordPress users. 
  • Advanced automation features: It has intelligent features that lets you configure advanced workflows and triggers based on Users’ behaviors on the site.
  • Build forms with ease: Your lead generation collection forms can easily be designed and configured. No hustles are involved. 
  • Advanced statistics and analytics: You can learn important data about your site’s traffic performance and how users or visitors interact with it.

5 Optinmonster Alternatives You Should use 

There are lots of different lead generation tools one can use but, in the blog, we would like to put our focus on the best 5 we’ve tested and examined. 

In order to make this review more understandable for you, we would like to analyze the best features that can make up the best Optinmonster alternative. These include:

  • An easy-to-use builder: Any Optinmonster alternative must have an easy-to-use tool, which you can use to design or edit your campaigns easily. Most preferably is that; having a drag and drop builder is a priority for the purpose of this review 
  • Marketing feature integration: the overall purpose of a lead generation tool is to send collect contacts and send out marketing campaigns to potential and prospective customers. This means that an Optinmonster alternative should have marketing features to execute campaigns.
  • Easy to Use: People don’t want tools that are complicated to configure. An Optinmonster alternative should easily be configured and setup. 
  • Flexible and friendly pricing: No one wants stuff that will deplete their wallets. So, an Optinmonster alternative should not be expensive and should have flexible pricing. 
  • Form Builder: Leads can only be collected if there is a form to collect them. For instance, collecting emails needs a subscription form feature be integrated on the site. An Optinmonster alternative should be used to build lead generation forms. 

List Of The Top 5 Optinmonster Alternatives 

Here is our compiled list of the top 5 Optinmonster alternatives you can use to take your lead generation campaigns at the new heights. 

1. ThriveThemes Leads

The ThriveTheme Suite lets you to generate leads faster with a set of proffessional tools. Some of its best features include:

  • Drag and drop tool: Build lead generation forms faster and easily without having to code.
  • Advanced automation: Use workflows and triggers to automate relevant campaigns to your site visitors
  • Analytics & Insights: provides an insight of your site’s traffic performance and also analyze visitor behavior on your site
  • Multiple lead generation form designs. Design popup boxes, Sticky Ribbons, In-Line forms, 2-Step Opt-In forms and more. 
  • Integrates with WordPress: Using ThriveThemes Suite could be as easier as using WordPress. Integrate the plugin with one of the most widely used CMS platform on the web. 

2. Convert Pro

You can use these ultimate leads generation tool to boost presence to your customers (potential & prospective). Convert Pro helps you take your email marketing strategy to another level. Some of its best features include;

  • Drag and drop design tool. It has a builder which lets you creating stunning marketing campaigns. You don’t have to be a coder to use Convert Pro
  • Multiple templates: if you’re stuck and don’t know where to start from, don’t worry because convert Pro has a massive library of templates to help you create your campaigns
  • Multi-platform integrations: You can integrate this tool with your favorite platforms like WordPress, WooCommerce, MailChimp, HubSpot and more.
  • Take use of marketing automation:  Convert Pro lets you create and configure advanced workflow and triggers that helps to automate your campaigns. 

3. Elementor

If you’re a WordPress enthusiast and you don’t know Elementor, then there is a problem. This tool has been designed to change the rules of the game. It is just everything you need to professionally design your WordPress. When it comes to designing lead generation tools for your site, Elementor is undeniably the best choice you can have. Here are some of its key features

  • Widely used in professional WordPress designing. Over 5 million people are currently using elementor to create their sites and sell their businesses online.
  • Proffessional drag and drop builder. Elementor builder is such an unprecedented tool in the market. Throughout the history of WordPress designing, we’ve never had such incredible tool before. It is so easy to use and master and you don’t have to a pro to understand how to use it
  • Easily build forms: Elementor virtually lets you create everything you need. You can design subscription forms to collect emails, popup boxes and more. 
  • Integrates with WooCommerce. Take your sales campaign with Elementor by designing custom stores that look professional. 

4. LeadPages

Looking to quickly build lead generations for your business? Here is the LeadPages tool designed to fasten your marketing strategy for your website. Key features include:

  • Easily build Popups on your website: You don’t have to be a coding pro to do this.
  • Using advanced triggers to intelligently target your onsite visitors. This helps you to rely relevant marketing message based on users’ behavior on the site.
  • Integrates with WordPress. Your worries stop here because this tool is best designed to satisfy WordPress users.
  • Integrate with your preferred Email Service Provider. Your lead generation and subscription forms could be configured with any email service provider of your choice. 

 4. ConvertBox 

This is one of the best tools to integrate lead generations on your website. Some of the key features include:

  • Building lead capture forms: Use its drag and drop builder to build proffessional forms that entice your site visitors to subscribe.
  • Intelligent tracking: You can track and analyze your visitors’ behaviors on the site. 
  • Easy to use: You don’t need to be a coding pro to setup ConvertBox
  • Create personalized campaigns through addressing your site visitors by their names. 
  • Leverage automation using advanced webhooks, workflows and triggers. Integrate with other platforms like ActiveCampaigns, MailChimp and more
  • Improve your business sales using integrated deadline timer. Using this feature attracts customers’ attention to the executed campaigns and promotions.

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