5 Best Scrivener Alternatives & Competitors

Scrivener is one of the top-rated writing applications used by poets, novelists, students, lawyers, and many other pro writers. The purpose behind most of their features is to ensure the writer is as focused and productive as possible.  However, no software is perfect, and Scrivener is no exception. It has several shortcomings that would make you consider using another alternative. 

Some of the drawbacks of Scrivener that would prompt you to think of alternatives include the following; 

  • Limited collaboration feature:  If you want to write a document or a book with your colleagues, Scrivener is not the ideal software for this kind of work. It lacks collaboration features that can enable teams to effectively work on a writing project together. 
  • License is for only one platform: If you buy your Scrivener licenses on a macOS device, you will have to buy another if you want to use the app on Windows PC. 
  • It is relatively hard to learn: It will obviously take you a couple of days or even weeks to master this software.

Now that you know the cons of Scrivener let’s share with you the top 5 alternatives you can consider if this Scrivener doesn’t suit your workflow or budget.

5 Best Scrivener Alternatives & Competitors

1. ProWritingAid 

ProWritingAid is a grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor that writers can use to be more productive and efficient while doing their job. It is still one of the most popular writing apps, and it is currently being used by over 2 million people. ProWritingAid can either be used as a standalone application or integrated into your existing writing software like MS Word or Google docs. 

Top Features

  • Browser extension: ProWritingAid has a browser extension that works with Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. This extension is essential for writing and editing text in browser-based apps like social media, emails, and many more. 
  • Office and Google docs integrations: ProWritingAid integrates with the most popular word processors, including MS Office, Microsoft Office, and Google Docs. 
  • Supports different writing formats: This software supports several writing styles, including creative writing, business writing, and academic writing. 
  • Works on an unlimited number of devices: Unlike Scrivener, ProWritingAid’s single license can be used on an unlimited number of devices. 
  • Grammar checker: ProWritingAid has a grammar checker that you can use to correct your spellings and other grammatical errors. 

2. Final Draft

Final Draft is considered one of the best screenwriting applications mainly used by film and television producers. Most of its features are primarily geared towards Plays and Screenwriters. With such tasks, it does a way better job than Scrivener. Some of the popular brands that use this tool include; Marvel Studios, Sony Pictures, Netflix, Paramount, and many more. 

Top Features

  • Plenty of templates: Final Draft has over 300 templates for screenplays, teleplays, comics, graphic novels, and many more. 
  • Visual organizations: This platform allows you to organize your ideas on a single board in a customizable, visual way. 
  • Enhanced collaboration: Final Draft has collaboration tools that you can use with your colleagues to work on a writing project. 
  • Version control: It allows you to reverts to the previous versions of your writing anytime you want to. 
  • Advanced focus features: The app has focus features that enable the writers to stay focused whenever they are busy working on a project. 

3. Storyist 

Storyist is a writing software designed mainly for novelists and screenwriters. This tool is only available for macOS and iOS. So, if you are an Android and Windows user, this app is not for you. It has a simplified UI that enhances organizing your writings to make it easy to access them whenever you need to. 

Top Features 

  • Version control: It uses Apple’s version technology to save all the previous versions of your work. 
  • Versatile editor: This allows to add texts, images, comments, style sheets, headers, and footers. 
  • Seamless syncing: Your work is seamlessly synced between your different devices, so you can easily access it on any device wherever you are. 
  • Multiple templates: Storyist has several pre-designed templates that you can use to avoid starting from scratch. 

4. Reedsy

It is a powerful web-based writing and editing platform designed for eBook writers from different genres. You can write, edit, and publish a book within Reedsy without the need to integrate another software along the way. The good news is that Reedsy is totally free, so authors that don’t have a budget for writing and editing tools can take advantage of it. 

Top Features

  • Version control: This feature enables you to keep track of all the changes you have made to your book and gives you the option to recover an older version if you wish to. 
  • Importing: This feature enables you to import documents created with other Word Processors into Reedsy for further editing. 
  • Collaborative editing: Enables teams to seamlessly work on a book together while monitoring the changes each of the members has made. 
  • Commenting: You can add comments within the texts created if you want to highlight something in that section of the book. 

5. iA Writer

It is among the most popular writing and editing tools used by over half a million people worldwide. It has a minimalistic and simplified UI that makes it natural for writers to focus on their writing and not anything else. Their app is supported on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. 

Top Features

  • Multiple templates: It has several templates that you can use to create eBooks without starting from scratch.
  • Robust editor: It has a powerful editor that integrates a style and syntax checker. 
  • Syncing: iA Writer allows users to sync documents across all devices. 
  • Realtime Preview: This feature enables you to preview how your book will look on different devices. 
  • Collaboration: It allows teams to create and edit a single document/book together. 

Conclusion: Best Scrivener Alternatives & Competitors

There are several other writing and editing apps that you can use to create documents and eBooks; however, the 5 we have shared are some of the best alternatives if Scrivener doesn’t meet your needs. Each of them has unique features that make it different from the rest. So, you can choose one based on the features you need and your budget.

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